Club rules

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In order to keep our pitches in good condition and up to the standard that you would expect your team to play on when you are away from home you are not allowed to use them as a training facility there is plenty of room to set up elsewhere on site.

All registrations to go through registration secretary. To de-register a player fill in the de-registration form obtainable from the league web site and contact age group secretary.

Match Forms.
Match forms for 11 a side to be completed if playing at home and send to age group secretary.

All home game results are to be telephoned in to the leagues nominated contact for your age group at the prescribed time. Also ring league Chairman Derek Hikins and let him know of any incidents during your game of which he may be asked questions.

Match Reports.
If you want match reports published in local newspaper contact Press secretary.

It is important that all committee members attend club meetings as called. If non-attendance is required then apologies are needed.

Subs and Secondary Funding.
All monies must be paid in to Dorothy Fullelove no later than every 3rd week.

If a referee is not allocated to your game contact the club secretary who will advise if one can be found. This avoids two or none turning up.

Child Protection.
The club Child Warfare officer is Lisa McDonald and can be contacted on 07941624708. Remember we all have a responsibility in this area.

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